Social Media Marketing

Why does my company need social media marketing?

It doesn’t matter if you have the best business in the world if nobody knows you exist. Let the world’s largest networks work in your favor, and spread the word about you like wildfire.

Here’s how many potential customers you’re missing:

Chart of leads by social media channel.

But Mary is the only one with a Twitter account, and she uses it to post pics of her pet hamster.

Fear not, we will do all the work for you – from setting up your accounts on the most influential social media networks, to feeding your contacts content that is relevant and interesting. We will tailor our social media strategy to your company’s industry and services.

Some of the things we can help you with:

Social media strategy development

Sit back and enjoy while we present you a cunning plan on when, where, and how to promote your company to get the best results. You can choose whichever solution fits your budget best.

Social media advertising

Newspaper ads are a thing of the past! Advertise your company on social media networks, where all the cool customers hang out.

Community management

Advocate your business to people who still haven’t heard of how awesome you are, build new relationships, and get feedback through an online persona.

Social profile creation and management

Communicate with your customers in real time, promote your company, let people know about all the great things you are doing.

Blog creation and optimization

Attract customers with quality posts about things they’re interested in. If you already have a blog, we’ll optimize it to attract more visitors and generate more leads.

Competitive analysis

Find out who your main competitors are and discover their weak spots.

Performance monitoring and analysis

Follow your progress by numbers, learn what could use some improvement, and get a detailed insight in your audience demographic.

And if you’re still having doubts, remember:

If you build it, they will come.
Field of Marketing Dreams

That quote was convincing. How do we start?

Especially for B2B companies, a great place to start is with LinkedIn. Click the button below to get our free guide.

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